About Us

We are very much amazed by how wall decals can change the look

and feel of a room.

That is the reason why we are here.

It all started with no knowledge in graphic designs and with no

capital to build a business.

But with confidence and determination  in early 2012,

a humble Imprinted Mansion was born

right here in Singapore Island.

And today we are a team of dedicated minds with the passion

towards art. With everyone of us

doing our part building, communicating & designing. Our main

focus are to create art in a

different way.

We specialize in Islamic Calligraphy Wall Decal

where the Calligraphy by itself is an art.

Islamic calligraphy, or Arabic calligraphy, is the artistic practice

of handwritten and calligraphy,

based upon the Arabic language and alphabets in the lands

sharing a common Islamic cultural

heritage. It is known in Arabic as khatt (خط), which derived from

the word ‘line’, ‘design’, or ‘construction’.

Most of the Islamic Calligraphy is an art in a photo frame, so we

all think out of the frame by

removing the frame and  die-cut an Islamic Calligraphy decal and

paste it directly to the wall as if

the wall are our canvas. From there we can create larger designs

to fill the walls.

We also cater to those with their own vision on decorating

their walls. So the way to do

that is to customize that suits your needs. We will not only

customize what you want but

we will work together closely with you, by listening, visualizing

and discussing every

details what you have in mind.


The material we use

Very well suited for use on cutting plotter systems in the

production of short- and medium-term

markings, inscriptions and decorations. Outdoor applications.

Indoor exposure is almost unlimited.

As walls are mostly matte finished, we will be using matte Oracal

Decals to make it blend with

your walls. It will make the art on the walls as if it’s a

design painted directly to the wall.

As in today our journey was fun and most blessed, meeting

many nice people with their beautiful homes.

And that won’t be the end of it, we can assure you that new

products and services will soon be at

Imprinted Mansion

Like we said, it won’t end there. So here we are proud to present to you

Clothings with Islamic Flavor from local designer here in Singapore.

And we’re the Authorised Distributor for:

Submission Wear

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