Shahadah Blue Geometric

Shahadah Blue Geometric


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Shahadah Blue Geometric

Get this Beautiful Ayat, Shahadah Arabic Calligraphy. Fill your home or office with the remembrance of Allah.

The “key” to Paradise is laa ilaaha illallaah. Every key has unique “teeth” that allow it to unlock a door. The “teeth” of the key laa ilaaha illallaah are its seven well-known conditions. Every Muslim must know them, they are:

  1. Knowledge of what it means and entails – that none has the right of worship in truth, except Allāh.
  2. Certainty that Allah alone is to be worshipped, which negates doubt.
  3. Sincerity in worshipping Allah alone and not hypocrisy.
  4. Truthfully believing in it. It is that the person is truthful when he makes the announcement of laa ilaaha illallaah – truly with his heart.
  5. Accepting what it means and implies and not refusing it.
  6. Submitting to what it necessitates and not rejecting.
  7. Loving it and what it means, in opposition to hate.

The Shahādah has a special place in Islām – it is the foundation of Islām. The rest of the four Pillars and the other aspects of the religion put into practice these two statements of faith.

There is a hadeeth that states that the Adhān should be made into the ear of the newborn. However, the hadeeth is not authentic as Shaikh Al-Albānī has pointed out.

Shahādah in Practice:


  • worship idols or other gods besides Allāh – to do so is “shirk” (polytheism)
  • follow the example of other people when it contradicts Islām
  • treat anything in your life more important than serving and worshipping Allāh


  • follow the Qur’ān which is the Word of Allāh revealed to the Prophet Muhammad
  • follow the teachings and example of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him)
  • put Allāh first in everything you do

Muslims invite non-Muslims to the Shahādah and what it means, i.e. To worship only Allah and to follow the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). A non-Muslim learns Islam from knowledgeable Muslims who can quote proofs from the Qur’ān and hadeeth and teach them whilst being patient and kind.

This canvas has 1 size

48″ x 16″

How to Mount My Wall Art Canvas ?

  • All canvas art will come with 3M velcro double sided tape (that will hold up to 3.5kg for 2 sets of 3M velcro)
  • As we can’t assure that your wall is able to hold using 3M, best option will be mounted using screws to the wall

What do you get?

  • A professional gallery wrap canvas around a sturdy wooden frame made of pine
  • Printed with HP LATEX or UV Print wide-format printers which offer uncompromising quality and durability
  • Fine Pvc Prints or Cotton Artist Canvas (which ever that you chose during checkout)
  • All canvas wraps will be securely packed to ensure a safe damage-free delivery
  • 2-4 sets of 3M velcro depending on the size of your canvas for easy installation

What is the difference between the 2 material?

  • Fine PVC (0.33mm) without Finishing, Weight : 440gsm Cheap Durable and Waterproof
  • Cotton Artist Canvas , Weight : 370 g/m² , Thickness : 420 μm (16.5 mil) Professional Look but Non Waterproof


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We are committed on the quality of every single product that we produce, and we are confident that you will love your canvas wall art.
If your order is damaged during shipment, lost in transit or not as what you ordered, notify us as soon as you receive your parcel or within 30 days.

* Image shown is for illustration purposes only, and it is not up to scale unless stated
* As we will only print once we receive your orders, please allow 14 to 30 days for orders to reach you (for orders outside of Singapore).

Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 121.9 × 4 × 40.7 cm


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