The start of an adventurous journey from the bottom of the mountain

The start of our journey

Our journey began with a simple idea – to craft unique die-cut stickers that could adorn everything from bike helmets to trucks. As we delved into the world of design, a serendipitous discovery changed the course of our creative endeavors.

During our online research, we stumbled upon the mesmerizing beauty of Islamic calligraphy. Instantly captivated by its elegance and timeless allure, we found ourselves immersed in the artistry of this ancient tradition. The intricate strokes and profound meanings behind Islamic calligraphy spoke to us in a way that inspired a new direction for our creative pursuits.

Driven by the desire to share the beauty we had uncovered, we decided to embark on a journey into the realm of Islamic calligraphy die-cut stickers for walls. From that moment forward, we haven’t looked back

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Changing the look of your door couldn’t be any easier

where expertise meets innovation! For over seven years, we have proudly specialized in the art of door wraps, with a particular focus on bomb shelter doors. We understand the unique challenge posed by these doors, often untouched or rarely changed over time.

Recognizing that many of you encounter difficulties when attempting to paint bomb shelter doors, we have dedicated ourselves to providing a solution that surpasses expectations. At Imprinted Mansion, we take pride in offering door wraps that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space but also eliminate the struggles associated with painting.

Our clients appreciate not only the visual transformation our door wraps bring but also the durability that stands the test of time. We understand that bomb shelter doors require a finish that goes beyond mere aesthetics – it demands resilience. Our commitment lies in delivering door wraps that not only meet but exceed your expectations, ensuring a lasting impression for many years to come.

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Meet the team

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Founder and designer

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Admin and designer

We went big from there

Where we believe in going big or going home when it comes to transforming spaces! At the heart of our passion lies the desire to offer a favorite among our clients – the option to make a bold statement with our large-scale wall decorations.

Recognizing that customization is not always feasible for wallpaper, we’ve curated the perfect solution to elevate your space – decorating the entire wall! Embrace the grandeur of our designs and witness how a single wall can redefine the ambiance of your room. Our commitment to providing this standout option stems from the belief that every space deserves a touch of uniqueness and personality.

What sets us apart is not just the size of our offerings, but the love and appreciation we receive from our clients. They adore the ability to go big and create an immersive atmosphere within their homes or businesses. The enthusiasm for our large-scale wall decorations is a testament to the impact they make, turning ordinary walls into extraordinary canvases that tell a story of style and individuality.

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Canvas wall art will never gets old

Where our passion for beautiful designs takes center stage! At the core of our philosophy is the belief that showcasing art should be an elegant experience, and we’ve found another exquisite way to bring that vision to life. Welcome to the world of meticulously crafted canvases that embody the perfect blend of artistry and sophistication.

What sets us apart is our commitment to delivering a fresh and unique experience every time you order. All our canvases are printed and expertly wrapped in-house, ensuring the highest level of quality and attention to detail. This hands-on approach allows us to infuse each piece with the care and precision it deserves, making every canvas a true work of art.

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The Change over the years

As we grew, our look have changed